Use This “Trick” to Get Your Music Heard

Was in the Music Business Radio studios yesterday to record a new episode and found this postcard in my mailbox…

stick letter

In the past I’ve written about something I call the “Time-Released Press Kit.” It’s esentially a combination of a standard press kit and sales letter, sent piece-by-piece, over a period of time and via various methods (email, fax, postal mail, courier), with the purpose of creating excitement and desire for a product (usually a CD and press kit), before that product arrives.

The above postcard, sent by Grit PR, is something similar in purpose. Its job is to “prime the pump.” In other words, get me to be more receptive to what they send in the future.

Why it works…

  1. It’s a postcard. We get hundreds of “packages” each month, most of them in manilla envelopes, so it
    “Like” to keep reading. Help spread the word and keep AR&R free for all!

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