Jasper Johns: An artist’s Take

The SFMOMA is exhibiting Jasper Johns’ work November 03, 2012 February 03, 2013.

Jasper Johns, a paragon the world over, rejects the concepts and techniques of classical predecessors in favor of a method and language distinct to his own American tastes and values.   Johns searches for something personal, icons that he could ponder over and over and over again. Similarly, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699 – 1779) was a man that loved to repaint his own originals.—he believed this to be the highest aspiration of an artist, to be able to duplicate one’s own work.  Johns made immense quantities of prints as both a means of expression and wealth.

The friction in post-war Manhattan amongst artists was the stuff of legend.  One could only imagine Johns’ good fortune

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