Painter’s Portrait: Michele Choate

I arrived around nine in the morning, just in time to fix a plate of ubiquitous buffet-style breakfast food and coffee.  After a lengthy check-in process I sat at one of the tables arranged in rows in front of the area where the performance would take place.

There must surely be some kind of angle here, I had thought to myself while driving to Santa Clara, attending a seminar performance at the IBM Mobile Summit. Some depth of story for artists to learn from, to be inspired by. An artist/painter/motivational speaker was brought in by an IBM executive friend of mine to motivate the allocation of a few more dollars into innovation—an ambiguous term inspiring modern man to ‘think like a child’ or ‘break the rules’.  It’s no surprise my friend, Ms. Michele Choate, who was responsible for hiring the artist—a concoction of surfer, techie, and circus performer himself—wanted to inspire

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  1. I noticed that the computer would randomly shut off after some fan in the laptop spun very fast and really loud for about 3 seconds. It could try to restart, sometimes it was successful, different occasions the fan did the same thing on boot up, but nothing occurred besides a black display screen until I unplugged the computer.

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