My Backstage Pass to Reality Check TV – An Interview with Host Ace

Unlike MTV, San Francisco’s Reality Check TV has stayed true to its colors. Courtesy of channel 29, every Friday night at 1 am, rock and roll fans get to be part of their non stop backstage parties witnessing host Ace and his colleagues hang out with the hottest rock stars. Now, although for one night only, the tables have turned as Reality Check TV’s “Toastmaster General” found himself at the receiving end being interviewed by Artist Resource & Review. Instinctively knowing just what I was going to ask next, Ace made my job very easy as he enthusiastically relived some of the most noteworthy moments of his over two-decade-long career in the music business. As much as I was inspired and excited to be able to share this wealth of information with our readers, I soon got a reality check of my own when I was faced with

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About the author: Tanja Alvarez

Tanja was raised in Berlin, Germany but has been immersed in the Bay Area music scene since her move across the Atlantic in 1994. Contrary to her background in classical music, her biggest passion is hard rock, metal, and anything that’s raw and really loud. Taking equal pleasure in writing and photography, being able to combine these two with music is every bit of a dream job. Tanja has worked with many local bands and has been a contributing writer and photographer for Your Music Magazine,, Vallejo Free Press, and currently Blue Jaguar Group.

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