Southern Exposure: A Newcomer’s Dream

Every year, Southern Exposure, an artist-centered non-profit organization in the Mission District since 1974, holds an exposition of undiscovered northern California artists.  Admission is free, attracting many interested artists: over six hundred tried to get in this year.   In the end, forty six were chosen, each able to showcase a single piece.

The theme of this show was “Point of No Return”.  Its curator, Hesse McGraw, who holds the position of Chief Curator of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, had the role of selecting the pieces, some painting, mixed media, sculpture, installation, photography, and video.  It was a hotch potch, indeed, but the quality was apparent.  It was apparent that these forty six chosen were, indeed, talented, mostly young women and men.

After taking in the show as a whole, I went to purchase a glass of wine for my second look.  I observed that many people knew

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