The Music of How To Train Your Dragon’s Live Spectacular, an interview with Basil Hogios

Basil Hogios is an award-winning composer, musical director, arranger and producer. He’s scored over 30 films and has worked with Australia’s theater greats. Since the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular is coming to an arena near you, I called the production’s musical director to chat about sound and art. As a resource and review journal, the interview is geared for those with aspirations to work with music in film or  theater. To prepare for the interview, I watched Romulus, My Father (a film available on Netflix), “Apricot,” and “3 Seas.”

“I’m glad you did.” Basil began, “I just wanted to clarify one thing about 3 Seas. My role in this music video was not actually a musical one, it was more conceptual,

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About the author: David Sachs

David is the founder and publisher of OC Music Magazine and the Artist Resource & Review.

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